Terms & Privacy Notice


We, Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd (The Controller), process your data for the purpose of providing you with booking accommodation services, and accomdation as listed on this website. Where you provide details of other members of your party for example, friends, children etc, you agree that you have their permission to give their data to us.

We require your personal data listed below, to be able to verify who you are, to ensure we know exactly who we are renting a property to, in other words, this helps us reduce our risk. If you do not provide this information, we will not be able to rent the property to you.

The reason we process your data is to ensure that persons booked to stay at the accommodation, are the people that arrive and stay at the accommodation, as well as collection of money, and refund of security deposits.

Lawful basis of processing

We collect and process this data under two conditions of lawful processing.

1. Firstly this is for the performance of the contract to provide this service. The data we collect for this purpose is names, address, email address, telephone numbers, date of booking, and date of contract + amounts payable, and bank details for refunding your security deposit, as well as passport / id card details, arrival and departure times.

2. Secondly, processing of some additional information which will  be necessary for compliance with the legal obligation we have in some countries (specifically Slovenia* imposes greater data collection  - see below).

3. We also have a further legal obligation to process your data for tax and accounting, and this will be the information in the contract, which is evidence of the transaction, date, and amounts, including your names, address, email address, telephone numbers, date of booking, and date of contract + amounts payable.

4. If however, there is a request to retain for longer, by law, for example to combat fraud and crime, we will need to keep your data for the period instructed by that law at the time of the request.

Retention of your data

For 1. and 2. above, we retain your data for 12 months from the last day of your holiday accomodation. 

For 3. above, we retain this information for 7 years as required by law for tax and accounting.

For 4. above, this will depend on the legal obligation at the time of the request.


We do not proactively send you marketing data. We will only respond to a request initiated by you, but may offer you an alternative villa, or alternative dates, if your first choice of villa is not available.

The data we collect from you is:

1.     Names of persons travelling

2.     Your address & email address

3.     Your mobile number - we need this as we send a secure password to you for accessing the contract we send you, but also to contact you in an emergency either before your stay, or during your stay.

4.     Your bank details for refund of your security deposit

5.     Personal id card / passport details, such as number and start and end dates, gender, nationality, date of birth and place of birth) as well as ethnicity, as required in some countries as detailed below.

6.    Dates and times of arrivals and departures.

Data provided by 3rd parties.

Sometimes your request for information on accomodation and availability will come via a rental portal (and not direct from this website), such as Homeaway. We do not have control over the data they collect, and you should ensure that you are happy with their privacy policy before you give them your details, which could be passed on to us.

Sharing your data

Your data will be processed by the following third parties/processors.

1..     Local key holders for the property, resident in the country you are visiting, will be give your name only (to begin with), so that they can schedule and expect the right person arriving to the accommodation. They may need to check your passports/id cards/proof of address locally, should this be necessary to prove who you say you are.

2..     Owners of the property - will be given your name only. Except for disputes, or in the event that the owner/key holder needs to speak to you to explain how things work, then you will be asked for permission to share your contact details.

3..     Police, and local authorities as requested to do under the legal obligation.


In Slovenia, the legal obligation is for us to collect and retain much more data than we would want to. The details can be seen under the following link: http://eugo.gov.si/en/other-conditions/otherCondition/14172/showOtherCondition/

Firstly, we have to submit this information on line, directly to the police authorities, within 12 hours after you arrive. Then we have to retain this data for a further 12 months:

1.        name and surname 
2.        date of birth 
3.        gender & nationality & ethnicity
4.        number and type of identification document, and details within those documents 
5.        date and hour of check in and check out

Your Rights

  • You have the right to request from us, details of the information we hold about you (this is called access to your data), as well as why we process (as detailed above). The only information we hold about you, is the information you give us, or passed to us by the rental portals. You can request this information for free.
  • You have the right to request rectification of any details that we hold which are incorrect..
  • You have the right to restrict/object processing if you feel that we are processing your data in a way not listed in this policy, or the information is inaccurate..
  • You have the right to complain to the data privacy authoritiy if you feel we are processing your data unlawfully.
  • You have the right to request that we port (send) your details to another provider
  • ​Should you have any questions about your personal data that we collect and retain, please contact us on info@sunandsnowinspain.com, or +44 (0) 1487 840680




We never give out our bank details for payment by email. If you are being requested to pay to a bank account with details written in an email, it is most likely not from us. Bank details will only be given by encrypted contracts.

Booking and Deposit

A contract does not exist between the Company and the Client and no booking is agreed (and the Company shall have no obligations to the client) until the Company has confirmed receipt of the deposit, and the terms and conditions of booking have been accepted. The Company has the right to refuse to accept any bookings at the Company's discretion, refunding any deposit received.

Bad Renters List

If you reserve a property, and then cancel before the deposit is received, your details will be added to a "bad renters" list for future use. Please ensure you do not book unless you are sure.

Flexible and Good Value Booking Conditions

Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd will not charge for complete weeks for bookings in excess of one week.  To calculate the price, take the weekly rate, divide by 7 days, and multiply by the number of days.

All prices include cleaning, linen and towels.

Payment Terms

The full balance of the holiday price must be paid by the due date shown on the initial confirmation (either 10 weeks prior to date of departure or by return within this period). The Company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled if any part of the balance of the holiday price remains unpaid by the due date. If cancelled, the cancellation terms will apply.

  • The booking deposit is an amount per week minimum payable on booking (can vary according to specific villa)
  • The balance is then payable 10 weeks before, along with the refundable security deposit.
  • The deposit can be paid via credit card (using paypal) but will incurr a 4% cc charge.

When making payment via bank transfer, please make sure you only make payment to the bank details which will be included in your encrypted contract, and which a password is text to you to allow you to open it, and that text comes only from Mobile number +44 (0) 7739152907.

Amendments by the Company

The arrangements featured on our websites are planned many months in advance and amendments do occasionally become inevitable. In most cases these changes would be considered by the Company to be minor, in which case the Company shall have absolute discretion as to whether the Client is or is not notified.

If it is necessary for the company to cancel the client's booking within 6 weeks of departure, the Client has the choice of:

1. Accepting the changed arrangements as notified;
2. Booking alternative accommodation with additional costs if an upgrade is chosen
3. Cancelling the accommodation with a full refund

Cancellation by the Company

Occasionally, it may be necessary to cancel previously confirmed bookings and we reserve the right to do so. However, we will not cancel within 10 weeks of departure unless you have failed to make payment in full or where we are forced to do so as a result of circumstances outside our control. Where your arrangements are cancelled other than due to your default in payment, we will offer you the choice of either purchasing alternative arrangements, of at least the same standard, if available (and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference) or receiving a full and immediate refund of all monies paid to us. In addition, we will pay you compensation of £10 per person except where we are forced to cancel as a result of circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care which include but not limited to those amounting to "force majeure " as described below.

In all cases our liability is limited to the compensation payments mentioned above. In addition, we cannot be responsible for any costs or expenses you may have incurred as a result of any cancellation. Very rarely, we may be forced to curtail your accommodation after the date of departure where circumstances amounting to "force majeure" as described in below occur. In this very unusual situation, we regret we cannot make any refunds, pay any compensation or be responsible for any costs or expenses you may incur as a result. You should ensure you have adequate holiday insurance to cover these eventualities.

Force Majeure

Circumstances amounting to "force majeure" include war, or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, governmental action, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control. In these circumstances, we cannot be responsible and no compensation will be payable if we are forced as a result to cancel, delay, curtail, or in any way change your holiday.

Additionally we wish to advise that power cuts and water shortages are not uncommon, and are outside of the company or owners control.

Our Liability to You

The accommodation we arrange on your behalf belongs to and is managed by independent owners. However, although we have no direct control over these owners, we accept responsibility for ensuring that all parts of our contract with you are properly performed, except where any failure to perform or improper performance was due to your own acts and/or omissions or those of a third party not connected with the provision of your accommodation and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or an event which either ourselves or the property owner/supplier of the services in question could not have foreseen or forestalled even with all due care. The company accepts the responsibility for ensuring the accommodation is supplied as described. We do not accept liability for any disappointment which the client may feel as a result of unrealistic expectations.

The owners of the accommodation are liable in respect of death, bodily injury or illness arising as a direct result of the negligent acts or omissions of the owners in respect of the property and any associated facilities. Owners details will be provided should such a claim arise. Any claims in this respect must be notified to the company within 3 months of return and shall be subject to English law.

Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

Items within your property do malfunction from time to time as they do in your own home. For example (but not limited to) heating and airconditioning, washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, TV's. In Spain, many of the industries and factories close down in August, this makes it very difficult to get airconditioning repaired, both due to engineers not being available during this month, as well as the sell out of new units due to factories closing down during August. You are informed and made aware of this, and accept that this is an issue for Spain, and the owners or Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd will not be liable in this event.

Internet (specifically WIFI connections are particuarly temperamental, and the provision of these at specific properties is given in good faith, and there availability should not be relied upon. If you need to rely on WIFI, you need to have an alternative plan in place should the infrastructure for this supply be unavailable for several days.

In Spain and Turkey especially it can take longer to resolve/repair these issues and you accept that this is the way things are in some countries abroad, and no refund will be given.  Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd will act accordingly and do everything within reason (at Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd discretion) to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  You accept that the owner or Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd will not be liable in these events.

Complex and Area Facilities

If your property is located on a complex with facilities, or near to restaurants and shops, this information is given in good faith.  Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd does not have control over opening times, closures for holidays or maintenance, or change of use (e.g. Chinese restaurant changes to Italian restaurant), and therefore will not be held liable in these circumstances.  Great Holiday Rentals Abroad Ltd will endeavour to advise you of any change that we become aware of before the start of your holiday, which we feel has considerable impact on your holiday.

Cleaning & Utilities

The price of your holiday includes a clean before you arrive, linen and towels (not beach towels) and laundering of the linen and towels after you leave. You must clean and leave the villa as you found it less soiled laundry. If you do not want to clean the villa before you leave, an additional fee will be payable and an earlier check out time will be required. If you use additional linen and towels that are stored in the properties (2nd sets) you will be charged for this out of your security deposit. If a travel cot is being provided, the cot linen will need to be provided by you.

The electricity supply in some countries is variable, in that there are often power cuts. Additionally with many appliances being on at the same time, for example, all aircon, cooking, washing etc, the electricity can often trip. You must be aware that this is a sympton of the supply in these countries (especially Spain).

BBQ's (new from summer 2017)

BBQ's are not part of the cleaning of your property. We are not making a charge to you for the clean of the BBQ. Therefore, you will be expected to clean the BBQ to your standard if you want to use it, before you use it.  The next clients in after you, will also be required to clean the BBQ after you. This way you are in no better or worse position. If you use the BBQ, you are expected to clean it, if you do not use the BBQ, you are not expected to clean it.  The reason for this change is two fold, firstly, cleints were leaving the BBQ unclean after use, which led to complaints, and secondly, even when cleaned, BBQ's are not and will not look brand new, and this is not to everyone's standards.  Additionally, BBQ's are cleaned but not always used, so they can be standing round for weeks/months having been cleaned, but not used, and therefore look unclean. So, if you use, you clean to your standard.


All members of the party must have holiday insurance cover, this not only is to cover you whilst away, but should you need to cancel your holiday, perrhaps due to illness, holiday insurance may cover your payments that you have made to us.

Swimming Pools

The availability of a swimming pool may change at the discretion of owner, due to weather or maintenance. Swimming pools may only be used on the understanding that clients accept total responsibility for the safety of all members of the party.

Security Deposit

A security deposit (minimum £200) is required for each booking and is taken when the balance is payable. Subject to breakages and damage, or any of your actions that incurr costs; this will be returned within two weeks.

Persons Booking

Should the maximum number of persons stated in the booking be exceeded, at any time, without prior permission of the Company, their representative or owner of the property will have the right to demand that the persons not stated on the booking form leave the property. Changes to the number in the party must be notified to the Company before departure even if this does not exceed the maximum number for the property.

The lessee cannot sub-let totally or partially the property which is object of this contract. The property will be let with the only purpose of dwelling and it cannot be assigned to any other activity than the described.

Passport Details

Passport details of all members travelling will be required.

Cancellation by You

Should your party need to cancel your accommodation once it has been confirmed, you must immediately advise us in writing. Cancellation charges will then be payable, as set out below. These charges are calculated from the date written notice of the cancellation is received by us as a percentage of the total price

Period before departure within written notice of cancellation is received
Cancellation charges

More than 10 weeks = Deposit only, this is non transferreable to a different date or property
6 - 10 weeks = 50%
4-6 weeks = 75%
Less than 4 weeks = 100%

* some villas may require a larger deposit and a earlier balance payable period, and these will be noted on the individual villa pages*

Alternative Dispute Resolution (EU Residents)